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International Shipping Info

International Shipping requirements result in frequent questions from National Logistics Services customers.  Below is more information with regard to ISPM-15 (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures #15) for Wood Packing Materials (WPM) wood regulations.

To prevent the spread of plant pests and diseases throughout the world, regulations have been implemented in the ocean freight industry. These regulations are known worldwide as ISPM-15 rules  and have been originated from the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). ISPM-15 rules apply on international shipments containing wood packaging material such as pallets, crates, dunnage, drums, wood cases, etc. International transportation companies must comply with these ISPM-15 rules when accepting cargo for overseas shipments.

ISPM-15 rules require that all international shipments using any species of raw wood packaging must be fumigated or heat treated to kill insects or fungus and stamped with the approved stamp(s), before goods are allowed entry or crossing through a participating country.

The stamps show Customs that all solid wood packaging material has been treated to meet the ISPM-15 requirements. Non-compliance can result in Customs turning back, repackaging or destroying items that do not meet the ISPM 15 standards.

ISPM-15 rules apply globally, including all exports and imports from and to the United States and Canada. It applies to shipments tendered to any international transportation company or international moving company.

If you use an international transportation company for your international shipment from the United States, always ensure that your goods are properly packed with respect to compliance with the ISPM-15 rules.

National Logistics Services strictly adheres to the ISPM-15 rules for all international shipments.  Explore our website for more information on our international shipping program.